Lecture marks DD foundation day at Department of Communicative English and Media Studies

Doordarshan Day at CEMS, Patna Women’s College


September 15, 2021

An online guest lecture was organised on Wednesday by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies, Patna Women’s College, to mark the foundation day of the national broadcaster Doordarshan. The lecture was delivered by Mr Ajay Kumar Jha, faculty member of CEMS department.

Addressing the audience, comprising undergraduate students and the teaching staff of the department, Mr Jha discussed the technical aspects of Television and guest lecturer Mr Prashant Ranjan offered tips on making television as a career and the rigour involved in producing a good audio-visual show.

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The session commenced with Khushi Sharma of Semester III welcoming the guest lecturer. This was followed by an introduction by Course Coordinator Dr Tauseef Hassan.

Mr Prashant Ravi made a presentation to mark the occasion. Nandika Arora of Semester III delivered a vote of thanks.

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