I am proud of my doctor brother working in Bihar but worried too: Gurmeet


Gurmeet Choudhary is worried about the spike in Covid-19 cases in his home state Bihar and for his elder brother, a GP in their hometown Purnia who has been treating patients

Gurmeet Choudhary is very worried. The recent spike in Covid-19 cases in his home state Bihar is the cause for huge concern for the actor. He says, “Overwhelmed hospitals, poor infrastructure, and the rise in cases are quite alarming. Often people think and believe that they won’t be infected. Hame toh nahin hoga. This leads to lack of precautions and negligence resulting in a wider-spread. In big cities, there are many hospitals and doctors to deal with the situation but in smaller towns there are hospitals but the population too is huge. There are so many villages in Bihar and if the numbers keep rising like this, then bahut mushkil hogi. Ek ko hua toh jaldi spread hoga and to get the right treatment in time might be a problem.”

I sincerely would like to request my fellow #Bihar citizens to kindly take all precautionary measures to be safe and don’t treat this issue lightly. Together we have to fight against this virus. Stay home. Stay safe🙏

#SafetyFirst #BiharFightsCorona— GURMEET CHOUDHARY (@gurruchoudhary) July 20, 2020

Choudhary feels the need to increase awareness in smaller towns and villages in Bihar. He says, “We have to emphasise that you can be infected if you meet people in groups or are in crowded places. Wearing a mask is a must and so is washing hands often. People in Bihar saw Mumbaikars and people in other cities take all these precautions and now it is their turn to do these diligently. They have to fight and ensure all precautions are taken from sanitising to masks to staying at home and not take anything lightly.”

The Wajah Tum Ho (2016) actor is also worried as his elder brother, who is a general physician in their hometown Purnia, has been treating patients. “My bhai is running his clinic everyday and has not seen his family or his newborn since the last three months. My parents, bhabhi and her family have been living in our house while he stays in his house, away from them, in quarantine. Sab dare hue hain ki use na ho jaaye. But my brother has been taking care of himself and his patients. He says, if all doctors sit at home, kaise chalega? In fact, one of our close relatives has tested positive, ab toh Corona ghar mein aa gaya hai, so the situation is quite dangerous right now.”

Source- Hindustan Times

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