Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organizes an online guest lecture on ‘The various approaches to writing poetry: Should one bother?’.

Patna. 13th August, 2021

A Guest Lecture on ‘The various approaches to writing poetry: Should one bother?’was organised by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies of Patna Women’s College, on Friday.

The guest lecturer for the day was Dr. Amritendu Ghosal, Assistant Professor, Department of English at A.M. College, Gaya.

Mr Ghosal started the discussion by elucidating on different approaches and technical aspects of traditional and contemporary poetry through an insightful presentation. Through this, he acquainted the students with some revelatory insights of poetry and unveiled different aspects of creative writing that we otherwise brush aside. He also shed some light  on the minutiae of poetry. He said that poetry does not confine to the surface meaning but is also about the deep-rooted meaning of the same. He recited the example of the poem, ‘The Star’ by Jane Taylor, also widely known as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, to justify his statement. He further enlightened the students with distinguished styles and forms of poetry.

 Taking the discussion further, Mr.Ghoshal advised the aspirant poets and said, ” Don’t try to imitate the dominant way of writing on social media and try to write poems that will survive in time”. ” Be conscious of the poetry, do not be an accidental poet/ artist and be aware of the purpose of writing”, he added.

The discussion concluded with a question-answer session. Answering one of the questions, Mr. Ghosal said, “Don’t be a person who has written three good poems in their life; rather try to be a person who knows how to write a good poem.” The session had commenced with Geetika  Ranjan, a student of the 5th Semester, welcoming the resource persons followed by an introduction by the Course-Coordinator, Dr. Tauseef Hasan. Tooba, a student of the 5th Semester, delivered the vote of thanks

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